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Referral Program

My dream has always been to be a photographer. I love capturing a babys beautiful smile or a bride being given away by her father. The look on the husbands face is priceless as he sees his bride walk down the isle.
Heres how the referral program works: For each referral you send me that books a wedding, I will send you $50.00 cash or a $100.00 print credit. You choose! Please ask me about all the details! Remember, they have to book a wedding in order to take advantage of this deal and you can take advantage of this deal as many times as you want!

I am adding to this referral program! If you refer someone, and they book any type of photo session, I will give you $15.00 for each one.
So, to sum it all up: wedding referral = $50.00 cash and Regular photo session referral = $15.00 cash.
Please contact me if you have any questions at all!

I want to thank everyone that has trusted me to take their pictures and help support me!